View of the 405 Freeway


The cormorant is a field note.

We hunt it down, but in the interference of the night

We are all so afraid, mostly of our own thought

Which heightens sometimes into poetry.


Rubberized, the world cries in sync. Cycles of money.

Even if you were to grant them wash basins

Full of gold coins, they would want to know the growth.


My daughter looks at her old hamster. She feeds it

Little pebbles of food. Night comes.

I can feel America slipping off my shoulders.

George Washington stands somewhere immortalized, alone.


There’s a view of the 405 freeway which I love, nearby.

From a local mall, high up, you can see the cars

Whizz by, going south toward the airport.

So close to the speed, you feel as when you first sat close

To professional baseball players.


You almost couldn’t believe they were real.



Alejandro Escudé is the winner of the 2013 Sacramento Poetry Center Award. His first collection, “My Earthbound Eye,” will be available September 2013. Alejandro is originally from Argentina. He is a high school English teacher and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids. For more poems and information, please visit