Fine Art


It is more about tasting fine wines

While sitting and listening to local jazz,

Or introducing well-dressed wives

Who stand with fancy minks while posing

For the who’s who in well-to-do magazines,

Or all the experts and critics discussing techniques

To docents, directors, and patrons disclosing

The latest collection of Chinese antiques

Among the proud, the pomp, and the pizzazz,

Or dinner receptions with the latest book signing,

While not forgetting the customary handshake

When cutting the purple ribbon or slice of cake

Or for the call of juried art for art’s sake

Or knowing that painting goes on make no mistake.



Clinton Van Inman was born in England, 1945, but has lived in America all his life. He graduated from SDSU with a BA in philosophy, 1977. He is a high school teacher in Hillsborough County, Fl., living in Sun City Center with his wife Elba. Though never belonging to any schools of poetry he has always been associated with the Beat poets as one of the few remaining Beat poets who still bang the drum (slower now) for the cause.