Watching Movies


The day our lives fell apart, we went to the movie theater. We were there from the first showing at 10am until the midnight finale.


The last of our money was spent on: Tickets, popcorn, candy and soda; the full cinematic experience.


The screen gleamed like jellyfish in our eyes, the surround sound like Hiroshima in our ears.


All in all we watched seven movies in one day. They ranged from pithy romantic comedies, to thought provoking independent films, each one flooding our minds with hope and escape.


When we finally had to leave, we had nowhere to go back to, the car was nearly out of gas, but we got in and drove as far as we could.


After the final vapors gave way and left us on the side of the road, we started walking west, towards the luminous glow Los Angeles, where we can see the places our movies are made.



Jason Roland is an author living in Lexington, South Carolina. He is at work on numerous short stories, poems, and has almost finished a novel. When he is not hiding out somewhere reading or writing, he can be found in his vegetable garden growing his organic tomatoes, or watching The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and SpongeBob.