Scaffolding in Spain


talking to the

halal restaurant owner

behind the hostel


bartering phrases of

pitiful arabic for

directions to the


nearest liquor store

peach schnapps



outside the window

perfectly positioned

for climbing


fate conspires

for us to binge on

sickly sweet booze


in the playground

child safety padding

conveniently muffling


staggering footsteps

circularly passing

the cadmium bottle


sat on seesaws &

slides drizzling

sounds as i fell


asleep on your

bed listening to



folk musicians

the sound of sitar

in the backdrop


puerto del sol


free shots for


get in the taxi



flight the next day

avoiding contact


on the plane ride

cold pane of the window

pressed against my face


the discomfort

of an unlocked tray

atop my knees


as i write to you in pieces


napkin scraps

and backs of

tourist maps


they’ve been

in an envelope

ever since


Tariq Adely is a writer and literary translator based in Providence, Rhode Island. His translations of contemporary Peruvian poetry have appeared in Aldus, a Journal of Translation.