Pin points traverse with dots

to broken lines cutting


 There before a torn


edge, parallel curves

of shades delineate

mountain mass. Peninsulas

cling and waver.



journey out from rivers, lakes

meld shapes into lumpy closure.


Letters in different sizes

cluster and yield a perplexity

of names.


The oceans depths and

shoals are drawn in fine blue

lines and sailing out far


past the paper edge, a sea

fills with confounding white

waves teeming with gulls and terns and


grey whales’ spouts.

Unwatched. The marked continent


Aileen Bassis was born in New York City and now lives across the Hudson River in Jersey City. She’s a poet and visual artist with a long career as an artist working in book arts, printmaking, photography and installation. Her artwork has been widely exhibited across the US and can be viewed at Her poems are published online at Underwater New York, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Haggard and Halloo, Marco Polo Arts Magazine and upcoming at Eunoia Review, and Blue River Review and in print in Still Point Arts Quarterly.