Self Portait


I sit in an armchair,

three in the morning, a Motel 6,

towels mashed with heel prints.


A rattling air conditioner is

wedged in the window.

On the wall, a replica of


Rembrandt’s Self Portrait.

He looks like my babysitter,

bearded, curly haired.


An oracular smirk curves his lips.

His dismounted torso, extends the

unspent minute, eyes a


blonde that sleeps face down, bare ass.

Her bruised foot dangles off the bed.

As I fall asleep, I recall the first


two months of our relationship.

How I refused to tell her

about my babysitter.


“this will be the last time,” the first

hollow promise seared to my

seven year old self,


the same promise I vowed to

myself after every time I tried and

failed to have sex with my girlfriend.


Domenic Scopa is a philosophy student at Suffolk University. He has been published in several online and print journals and has worked with poets such as: David Ferry, Fred Marchant, and George Kalogeris. Domenic intends to finish his senior year and apply for graduate school with the intention of attaining an MFA in creative writing.